Boiling Point (revisit)


It’s been quite some time since I’ve revisited Boiling Point, and since I was craving hot pot, I suggested to S to give it a try. This was the Richmond location.


Beef Hot Pot

I decided to try the Beef Hot Pot this time, which features napa, vermicelli, sliced Angus beef, enoki mushroom, tomato, firm tofu, tempura, corn, pork meat ball, kamaboko, fried tofu skin, imitation crab stick, green onion and cilantro. At Boiling Point, you can also specify how spicy you want your soup. I chose medium, but it actually wasn’t that spicy.


Japanese Miso Hot Pot

S got the Japanese Miso Hot Pot, which comes with cabbage, udon, sliced pork, enoki mushroom, clam, Fuzhou fish ball, fish fillet, organic Maitake mushroom, crab, fried tofu skin, soft tofu, egg, green onion. There’s quite a lot of ingredients in this pot, but S had one complaint. Since there is a mini fire that keeps your pot still boiling for another 30 minutes, he complained that the food just never cooled down and was really difficult to eat. For myself, I like to put my food onto the side bowl of rice to cool it down, but I guess he has a point. Perhaps a flame that goes on for another 15 minutes is sufficient.


There are also various sauces you can use to flavour your food. I felt that my food was already well flavoured so didn’t use any.


Snow Cubes

We also tried their Snow Cubes, which are essentially flavoured ice cubes. We got Chocolate, Matcha, and Strawberry. They are really cold, so not for people with weak teeth. It is really difficult to bite into it, so you end up just putting the whole one in your mouth. I thought these were quite average for the price you pay.

Overall, I found Boiling Point to be just quite average this time around. I felt like the portions got smaller and service was also lacking. I guess it’s a good option if you want individual hot pots though.

– Good variety of hot pot choices
– Reasonable prices

– Service can be lacking
– Portions were a bit small

Price Range: $10-20

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 2.5 Service: 2.5 Ambiance: 3 Parking: 3 Overall: 2.5

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