[Japan Series] Day 4: Uogashi Nihon-ichi Standing Sushi Bar 魚がし日本一 in Shibuya 渋谷区

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On the fourth day, we took the train to Shibuya station. Shibuya is one of my favourite districts in Tokyo since it features young and trendy fashion and lively restaurants. Many fashion trends actually originate from this district. I highly recommend living in this district if you enjoy the young and trendy lifestyle and love shopping.


DSCF by ukijojo on 500px.com

The last time I visited, I found Uogashi Nihon-ichi Standing Sushi Bar which I fell in love with. This is a small standing sushi bar which features fresh and cheap nigiris. The downside is that there are no seats, so is not worth going when your feet are tired after a long day of walking. I suggested going for an early lunch before our legs were tired. I believe it is a chain, so there should be some other stores in Tokyo, but this one was fairly empty at around 11am.


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Many of the nigiris are under 200 yen and you get a pair of nigiris, so it comes to under 100 yen each which is a steal!


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This time I noticed they have a set deal which was even cheaper. I think it was around CAD$10 for a variety of nigiris. I’m not sure if this is only during lunch time though. It included the red tuna, squid, salmon, and tuna.


DSCF by info9813 on 500px.com

Also scallop, avocado, tamago, and a negitoro. Such a good deal for so many nigiris. I have to say that the avocado was quite a disappointment though as the avocado looked rather old.


DSCF by info9813 on 500px.com

My favourite is the maguro red tuna, so of course we had to get an extra order. This is quite expensive in Vancouver, but readily available in Japan. So delicious!


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After a quick lunch, we headed to Shibuya crossing, one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in Tokyo. All traffic stops in every direction so that the pedestrians can cross in any direction they need to. Pretty neat and fun to watch.


DSCF by info9813 on 500px.com

If you are looking for a good spot to people watch and get some shots of this busy crossing from above, I suggest visiting the Starbucks store in one of the buildings at this intersection. Plus the Starbucks in Japan have some items that North America does not carry. We tried this Mango Smoothie which was refreshing on the hot day. Prices in Japan are much higher though unfortunately.


DSCF by info9813 on 500px.com

Shibuya is also famous for many department stores and malls. Some of the ones we visited and I recommend include Shibuya 109 (super young and trendy for women although many of the styles are almost too trendy for me!), Tokyu (12 story department store with a basement floor full of food, Tokyu Hands (a creative life store filled with items for crafts, interior, and travel), Loft (stationary and crafts similar to Tokyu Hands), Seibu and Marui (both department stores are great for higher end fashion).


Uogashi Nihon-ichi Standing Sushi Bar
Address: 25-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo Prefecture

Shibuya District
Address: Shibuya 150-8010, Tokyo Prefecture

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