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Disclosure: All food and beverages were complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

Last week, we were invited to a tasting at Hyack Sushi which is located in New West. The location is perfect because it is just across the street from the New West skytrain station! The restaurant only opened for a few months but already has steady traffic. The space used to be a school but they have fully renovated the space to fit a kitchen and dining area. One great thing is that there is free parking in the back


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To start, we got to try one of their newest imports from Korea, the Bingtanbok which is from Baesangmyun Brewery Co. The drink is a black raspberry wine and reminded me of the black currant Ribena drink. With only 7% alcohol content, this fruity drink is perfect for those who dislike the strong alcohol flavour.


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Deep Fried Poached Egg

The first item we tried was the Deep Fried Poached Egg. The sous-vide egg is cooked so the yolk is runny. The egg is then battered and deep fried and topped with some spicy mayo. A must try!


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Gyu Katsu

The Gyu Katsu is a dish I don’t find at too many spots in Vancouver, but I remember seeing this a lot in Japan. Triple A beef is battered with the usual pork katsu batter and cut into slices. As you can see, the inside is still raw. They provide you with a little stove at your table and you can then place the meat on the grill to sear it as much as you’d like. FOr myself, I like my beef medium rare, so I found a quick 1 minute on each side as already sufficient so the center was still a beautiful light pink. The beef itself was very tender and it was served with three sauces including the sesame and salt, home made teriyaki, and traditional tonkatsu sauce.


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Aburi Nigiri Set

If you’re looking for some sushi, there are plenty of options available. We were able to try the Chef’s selction of Aburi Nigiri Set. This included aburi tuna, salmon, salmon bomb (salmon wrapped around chopped scallop), ika (squid), hotate (scallop), and ebi (cooked shrimp).


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Spicy Chirashi Don

The Spicy Chirashi Don is visually appetizing! A variety of sashimi including salmon, tuna, octopus, and tamago sits on top of some greens. The dish is served with a bowl of rice and a large amount of Korean sweet and spicy sauce (gochujang). You can eat it just as a normal sashimi salad because the fish is pretty fresh, but you can also drizzle the spicy sauce on top if you want bit of kick. The sauce is not overly spicy as there is a bit of sweetness to it. I usually prefer to have a regular chirashi don without any sauce though since you can taste the freshness of the fish. This is good for those who enjoy some more flavour and spice to their food.


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Aburi Salmon Oshi

Another aburi dish was the Aburi Salmon Oshi. Don’t expect this to taste like the ones at Miku because it is definitely a different take on that dish. This one is more saucy and even has some cream cheese in it. It makes the dish very creamy without having that oily texture. This dish is probably not to be eaten alone, but to be shared as it can be a little too saucy, but it’s good!


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Last but not least, Hyack Sushi will have a special Sablefish Set from December 17 – 24th just in time for Christmas. The set includes the Chwanmushi which is a steamed egg with vegetables. So silky smooth!


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Sablefish Miso Soup

The set also includes the Sablefish Miso Soup which is an upgrade to their traditional miso soup. This one has sablefish meat and kelp included. The broth is much lighter but the sweetness from the fish comes through. The only thing I dislike is that the fish still has bones, so you need to be careful with it. But I definitely prefer this over the usual salty miso soup.


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And the star of the set is the Sablefish which comes with deep fried amaebi served with mint yogurt. The fish is miso glazed and well marinated without being too salty or sweet. The fish was so buttery smooth! This set which includes rice, miso soup, chawanmushi and the fish is only $24.99 so a great deal if you’re looking for something a little more special during the holidays.


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Overall, a great new spot in New West perfect for both those who skytrain or drive. The spot serves up food that isn’t too fancy, but the dishes are beautifully presented and prices are reasonable. Will be back when I’m in the area again!

If the Christmas sablefish set menu is something you’re interested, then be sure to enter the giveaway that Hyack is currently hosting on their Instagram account! To enter, see details here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcfYHYZFpx2/?taken-by=hyacksushi


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