Cork & Fin

Fresh Shucked Oysters

served with champagne & cracked pepper mignonette


Tuna belly, Japanese mayo, rice wine, citrus

Prawn Bisque

Creme fraiche & chive

Grilled Sirloin

Pomme Puree

Pan seared Lingcod

Tomato ragu

Cork & Fin is located in the Gastown area and is known for their market fresh seafood. They offer a raw bar where oysters are served as well as the main dining area. The above pictures are from a two person prix fixe menu for $30 each. The appetizer was a choice of salad or oysters, but we both chose oysters since the restaurant is famous for them! Otherwise, we tried all the different choices in the menu. Great ambiance, but portions were a little small.

Check out more at:

Cork & Fin on Urbanspoon


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