Chicken Karage

Curry with Pork Cutlet on Rice

I’ve always wanted to try those restaurants down Robson Street – the ones past all the shops. Their store front or ads on their windows always attract me but I’m never in the mood to eat at that time! Finally a day where I was craving some food and of course I walk past Donburiya. This chicken karage picture on their ad outside totally attracted me, and it’s actually not the first time. I remember seeing it a long time ago and wanting to try it. And aren’t I happy that ad pulled me in! The chicken karage comes in a bowl of 4 for $3.50 and are boneless. The batter isn’t very thick so it wasn’t very oily. Also decided to try the takoyaki which I have to say is one of the best I have had. And lastly, the curry with pork cutlet on rice was a great deal as it was a huge plate for only $9.25, compared to places such as Aoyama which charges around $13 for a small plate that isn’t as good as this one! The place is however very small and can probably only sit 20 people and it is more like a self serve restaurant. You pick up your own utensils, seasonings, and water. They do however bring you your food in a tray. So perhaps take out is the way to go. They are famous for their rice bowls which I saw many people eat and it looked delicious. It seemed like a lot of Japanese people were eating here too so it must be good Japanese food! Definitely going back here again!

Donburiya on Urbanspoon


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