Rhino’s Kitchen

Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wing

Ham and Cheese French Bun

It came to my realization when I went past Lansdowne Mall that California Cafe had closed down and became Rhino’s Kitchen. Not that I liked California Cafe much, but I guess I was just a little surprised. Curious what Rhino’s Kitchen was like, I ended up going in for a small dinner. I have to say, I couldn’t stop laughing upon entering the restaurant. They literally had pictures of rhinos all over the wall, with trees depicting the wildlife, and even a rhino statue at the entrance. My friend and I agreed they had a creative theme but it was still pretty funny. They even had their washroom doors painted with rhinos! I decided to just get some snacks since I wasn’t too hungry. I saw the stuffed chicken wing on the menu and thought it sounded really cool so gave it a try! I have to say the outer coating was really oily and wasn’t really crispy. But it was really interesting how the sticky rice was filled inside the wing beneath the meat! Not bad I guess, and it was quite large and filling too. Next, I had their ham and cheese french bun. Turned out completely different from what I had imagined. They were more like bruschetta with ham and cheese on them. Tasted pretty good, with something like sun-dried tomatoes in between and topped with olives. Actually, come to think of it, it almost tasted like pizza. They were also having a holiday special which was a set menu with lobster and steak. Sounded tempting and everyone was eating it in the restaurant, but I really didn’t have a big enough appetite to devour all of it! Guess their food is just really similar to what California Cafe had to offer, and I don’t think it was that great. It’s like white food at a HK style cafe so you can’t expect much. I have to say that their service was quite good though, but I felt like they were overstaffed so that might be the reason why.

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