Nicli Antica Pizzeria (revisit)

For K’s birthday, we headed to Nicli Antica Pizzeria since she wanted some thin crust pizza! I’ve gone here once, and the pizza crusts are made from scratch. The place was quite packed when we got there, and it makes sense since it’s a nice place to drink a glass of wine, have some pizza and chat with friends.


Special* – parma prosciutto and arugula

We chose three pizzas to share, and I chose their Today’s Special, which I forgot the name of since it was so long. But it had param prosciutto which is my favourite. The arugula also added some great flavour to it. I guess the funniest part of dinner was our inabilities to cut our pizza. These pizzas are made from scratch, hence their crust is much more tough than normal pizza. Some people like it and some people don’t, but the crust is intended to be like that. Our waitress laughed at us while we took forever cutting our pizzas, and in the end she told us it would be okay to use our hands. How embarrassing, since we looked around and everyone was well-mannered and slowly slicing their pizza. I was hungry, so eating with my hands were the way to go!


Pesto – herb pesto, fior di latte, marinated black olives, capers, roasted red onion, fresh tomato

J chose the Pesto, which was definteily much more interesting than normal pesto pizzas I’ve had. The flavour was much more strong, and the capers and roasted red onions gave it a distinct flavours. The only part was that I don’t like olives, so I had to pick those out.


Margherita – pomodoro, grana padano, fior di latte, basil

Lastly, K got the traditional Margherita, which is a great classic. Their tomato sauce is made from fresh tomatoes too, so it has a distinct flavour.


Tiramisu – classic with Marscapone cream and frangelico syrup

For dessert, we decided to all share a Tiramisu. It was homemade and really good! Just the right about of alcohol in it, and the cake was soft.


Apple Fruit Cake?

I wish I remembered the name of this cake, since it was really good. We got this as a little surprise since we wanted to get a dessert that could support a candle. I guess none of their desserts really did that so they put the candle next to the cake instead…Anyways, this was really good! There were soft apples with a sauce inside the cake, and it also came with a vanilla bean ice cream on the side. Yum!

The downside to Nicli is that they don’t take reservations, so you’ll need to expect some waiting time if you come on their busy nights.

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