Top Chiu Chow Cuisine


I didn’t even notice Top Chiu Chow Cuisine until my family decided to go try the restaurant. It’s in the same mall as Richmond Sushi and Bubble World among many others, but it’s literally at the end of all the shops in a corner. The restaurant was quite packed when we got there, but we made reservations beforehand, so we immediately got our seats.


Apparently they also have a second floor, but it seemed a little sketchy…hmm
The decor is surprisingly quite clean and modern for a Chinese restaurant. They started us off with complimentary peanuts and something that reminded me of sour pickles. image

Since their menu is all in Chinese, I’m not exactly sure if I’m translating the items correctly in English, but here’s the items we ordered.


So we kind of got lured into getting their Daily Soup…okay fine, maybe they didn’t exactly trick us into it, but the guy told us we should get a soup since most dinners aren’t complete without a soup. He suggested the daily soup, and started listing out the ingredients, and my mom just quickly said sure. We later realized that it cost us $68.80…


Daily Soup

It came in a large cauldron and we learned that we had ordered some soup with expensive ingredients… Shark fin! And now I feel terrible because I was hoping to stop consuming shark fin since everything is about sustainability these days. 😦


They serve the soup to you with just the clear broth. It’s also got goji berries, chicken, and other Chinese ingredients.


The waiter then scoops out all the stock. The shark fin was actually not even that good. The parts of the shark fin were not the best parts, hence the price wasn’t extremely ridiculous. We were surprised that the service was quite good though, since they also offered to reheat our soup after if we decided to eat our other dishes after our first serving of soup.


Oyster Omelet – 煎蠔餅

This is a typical dish in Chiu Chow cuisine. I really enjoyed this dish although I found it a little oily. It was nicely pan fried so that it was crispy on the edges though.


Crab and Shrimp Balls

I’m not sure if I’m translating this correctly, but half of them are basically crab balls and the other half are shrimp balls. They are fried and then you dip them into this sauce for extra flavour. I found them to already have enough flavour alone, and dipping into the sauce just made it too salty.


Chicken with Kale Leaves – 潮式川椒雞

I found these chicken to be a little too salty, but it worked well when accompanied with rice. The kale leaves also gave a nice crunch. They were flaky and almost like seaweed!


Marinated Goose Meat – 滷水鵝肉

We were quite disappointed with the marinated goose meat. It was much more tough and lacked flavour. It felt like these were not done in house, and that they had just reheated store bought ones.


Satay Beef Noodles with Veggies

We were expecting the noodles which to be flavourful with satay, but surprisingly it lacked the satay flavour. It was a sweet flavour instead, which we didn’t mind. Very saucy, and the beef were tender.


Oranges were complimentary and were a refreshing way to cleanse our palettes.


Sweet Red Bean and Lotus Seed Paste Dumplings – 潮式水晶包

For dessert, we ordered sweet dumplings which are famous in Chiu Chow cuisine. Half were filled with red bean paste, and the other half filled with lotus seed paste. I tried both, but my favourite was the red bean paste. They had tons of filling and you could tell the filling was grounded with actual red bean or lotus seed. There were still little bits in it, unlike store bought paste. What was great about these dumplings were that the outer layer was extremely thing. They’re kind of like a mochi gelatin texture and translucent, but the chef was skillful enough to make them extremely thing. The only issue was the folding area which was difficult to keep thin, and therefore there would be a lump of dough at the bottom end.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with Top Chiu Chow Cuisine. The service was extremely tentative and they even switched our plates twice throughout dinner, which doesn’t happen at most restaurants unless you are eating seafood.

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