Cold Stone Creamery


After dinner at Sushi Garden, SP suggested we go to Cold Stone Creamery. She said she always walks by it, but never had a chance to try it out. I didn’t even know that Metrotown had a Cold Stone Creamery! It’s teamed up with Tim Horton’s too, so it’s literally right next to each other and you order at the same cash register.


Strawberry Blonde – Strawberry Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Strawberries, Caramel and Whipped Topping

SP shared the Strawberry Blonde with SK. The Strawberry Blonde is one of their signature creations, so you don’t need to think which flavours will go well with what. It reminds me of Marble Slab, since they actually mash up the ice cream on the “cold stone” and form a new flavour essentially. They got theirs in a waffle cone since it was at no extra cost. A pretty good deal since I think it came to be a little under $5 for a medium size. Much more affordable than Marble Slab, although I don’t remember how the quality was at Marble Slab. If you get a waffle cone, the guy who serves your ice cream also throws it up in the air and catches it in the cone. Pretty entertaining!


Iced Cappuccino with Gummy Bears

For myself, I didn’t want to mix and match my flavours, but I noticed that they had an Iced Cappuccino flavour! Ice Caps are already good by themselves, but as a flavour for ice cream?! I had to give this a try! I got a small cup which I believe was around $3. You could have it in a waffle cone for no extra charge as well, and also one choice of topping. I went for the gummy bears, which they would normally mix it in your ice cream, but I asked for it just on the top. The Ice Cap ice cream was literally what it was. I’m guessing they just add more cream to the ice cap and freeze it. Pretty good if you are a fan of ice caps! However, the gummy bears seemed to be old and had sat in the glass jar for too long. They were hard and difficult to chew on, so I definitely won’t be getting that next time.

Overall, ice cream at a fraction of price compared to Marble Slab, but you essentially get the same experience. I can’t quite say how the quality is compared to Marble Slab, since I haven’t had Marble Slab in a long time, but it’s good enough if you’re just craving some ice cream and you’re in the Metrotown area. Plus, you can get other Tim Horton’s goodies while you’re at it.

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