Akari Japanese Restaurant


Akari Japanese Restaurant is located just off Lougheed Highway. It’s a fairly large restaurant, but I believe it’s owned by non-Japanese owners.


The restaurant is full of wooden decor and green plants. Seating is abundant and we were seated right away. It’s interesting that they also have some Korean dishes on their menu, so don’t expect authentic Japanese food here.


Chopped Scallop, Tobiko with Quail Egg, Tuna, and Salmon Nigiri

We chose to get some Nigiri to start. J chose the Salmon and Tuna to share, while I chose the Chopped Scallop and Tobiko with Quail Egg for myself. The Salmon and Tuna were both fresh and decent. I enjoyed the Chopped Scallop as it was loaded with scallops and topped with tobiko to add some crunch. The Tobiko with Quail Egg is a nigiri that I’ve seen in many people’s pictures but haven’t actually tried myself. I don’t know if I would order it again, since the raw egg on the top gives it a slimy texture and your mouth is just full of popping tobiko as you chew. Not exactly my favourite texture to bite into, but flavour-wise, it isn’t too bad.


Nabeyaki Udon

For myself, I was craving some warm udon. I ended up choosing the Nabeyaki Udon after staring at the extensive menu and being so indecisive. This was decent and came with two ebi tempuras. It was loaded with vegetables and a poached egg. Not bad!


Mul Naeng Myeon

J chose to get the Mul Naeng Myeon from the Korean menu. I took a bite from it and I thought it tasted better than the one at Kimbab Cheongkuk. It was a little spicy because of the mustard, but not bad!

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