Jethro’s Fine Grub


I’m extrermely behind on positing up my blog pieces these days, and let’s just blame that on school and exams. Anyways, probably around three weeks ago, my friends and I decided to go grab some early brunch on Victoria Day. Yea, Jethro’s Fine Grub is definitely not the place to go on a holiday or weekend unless you’re willing to wait an hour or get there at 8 a.m. We arrived at around 10:30 a.m. and were told that we would need to wait around 1.5 hours to get a seat, and that would mean two separate tables as well since we had a group of around 8. After a while of being indecisive, we finally agreed to grab take out and go to Kits Beach to eat. Our food was ready in around 30 minutes.


Smoked Salmon Benedict – Grilled English muffin topped with wild smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise.  Served with hashbrowns.

I’m always craving the eggs benny for brunch, so I opted for the Smoked Salmon Benedict. Sadly, by the time I started eating, my food had cooled down, so my review here is not going to be the same as someone who ate it fresh in the restaurant. My hollandaise sauce had cooled down, so the consistency was a little too thick.


I loved how the yolk was still runny in the middle and the smoked salmon along with the capers gave the eggs Benedict added flavour. However, the hashbrowns were quite disappointing. They were burnt and also soggy (which may be due to the lid being closed for too long).


Alligator Nuggets – Battered and flash fried ‘gator over basmati rice with blonde barbeque sauce and a tossed salad

S got the Alligator Nuggets. I tried a piece of these nuggets and I must say the batter is quite unlike any others I’ve tried. The batter was extremely light and they had a distinct flavour to it. However, we both agreed, that it wasn’t the best nuggets we’ve had and it seems to be over praised for.


The Cobb – Roast turkey, bacon, tomato, avocado, scallions and crumbled blue cheese. Served with hashbrowns and toast

M got The Cobb, which included an omelet filled with a variety of vegetables, roast turkey and blue cheese. This was served with hashbrowns and toast and made it a very filling meal. Because the food had cooled down, the blue cheese wasn’t as stringy as M would’ve liked it.


Breakfast Burrito – Scrambled eggs, chorizo, 2 salsas, jack cheese, avocado and hashbrowns wrapped in a warm tortilla

T got the Breakfast Burrito, and I managed to snap a picture of the huge burrito! It’s definitely a huge burrito that could be easily shared between two people.

Overall, my review cannot be justified since most of our food cooled down by the time we ate it. I would imagine that the food is much better warm, as it was still alright with it being cold. Plus, there must be something special about Jethro’s with those huge line ups.

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