Cheng Ji – Barcelona

IMG_4797 (480x640)

When M came to visit me in Barcelona, he craved Chinese food. Okay, well really, he just craves it anywhere he goes. Luckily, my friends on exchange knew where there were some decent Chinese food, so off we went. Cheng Ji is near the Arc de Triomf metro station. The workers there can all speak Mandarin and Spanish, which makes it a little more legit. I have to say, having this Chinese drink after a month on exchange, was quite satisfying. Anyways, I ordered the Gang Chao Niu He, or Dry Beef Chow Fun. Ordering this reminded me of how my mom would always order this at restaurants and I would always complain. Sadly, it was actually nice to have something so familiar to home. However, I have to say the dish was quite below average compared to the ones we have in Richmond. You can tell from the picture that the sauce is completely lacking. It wasn’t oily enough, although I normally complain about the oil. And hence, everything was just sticking together too much. They did, however, have a decent amount of beef to bring some flavour to the dish. The Seafood Fried Rice is something that might be worth ordering here, as it was one of the more decent dishes. Overall, not bad for what you get in Spain if you really crave some Chinese food. Prices are decent as well.


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