Flying Pig (Gastown)

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Since I wasn’t able to try Flying Pig the last time, we made another visit during lunch time. Their brunch menu is still offered during lunch. To start, they bring you a few slices of complimentary banana bread. I forgot to take the picture, but I liked how they were a bit sticky, which made them moist rather than being too dense.

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Wild Mushroom, Asparagus, Chevre Frittata

S got the Wild Mushroom, Asparagus and Chevre Frittata. It comes with a side of organic greens. A frittata is sort of like a mix of an omlette and crustless quiche. She said it was very good. A good amount of toppings.

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Braised Beef Shortrib Jumbo Macaroni

For myself, I got the Braised Beef Shortrib Jumbo Macaroni. It comes in a cabernet mushroom cream sauce. The shortrib was moist and flavourful, while the pasta was cooked to al-dente.

Overall, Flying Pig lived up to the expectations. The Gastown location is actually quite large too, so there’s lots of seats. I still want to try their happy hour menu though, since it is a pretty good deal. Definitely coming back!

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