Mega Sushi (Revisit)

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Tuna Tataki Roll

Deciding where to eat in Richmond, I decided to do a revisit to Mega Sushi. They are known for their creative rolls, so that’s exactly what we went for. We started with the Tuna Tataki Roll, which is filled with avocado, cucumber and imitation crab. On top of the sushi is torched tuna and a homemade sauce. I found this one to be average. I would’ve liked the tuna tataki on its own.

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Mega Roll

The next was the Mega Roll, which I’ve had before. However, it was presented differently this time. The sushi itself is battered and deep fried. Inside, there is deep fried salmon, green onion, and avocado. On top, there is imitation crab, spicy mayo, and tobiko. Lots of flavour and a hint of spice.

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Big Boss Roll

The Big Boss Roll looked pretty interesting. It was filled with prawn tempura, cucumber, imitation crab and avocado. On top, there was torched tuna, four sauces, and tons of yam flakes. I loved the yam flakes, but it also got really messy eating this roll. Lots of textures going on here, but the flavours work well.

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Godzilla Bite

Lastly, we got the Godzilla Bite, which was presented beautifully. These were square shaped rice patties with seaweed which were deep fried. On top, there was torched tuna and salmon, tobiko, alfafa and a special sauce. I liked how the deep fried seaweed and rice were sort of chewy and sticky. Definitely something different from your typical rolls.

Overall, Mega Sushi offers innovative rolls. They also have your traditional nigiris and other hot dishes, but I think they focus on modern and contemporary style sushi. The rolls are quite pricey, but are actually quite large in size so fill you up very easily. J and I shared these four rolls, and were beyond full. We couldn’t even finish them all! Parking is limited, but there are street parking available in the area. A bit hidden from the tourist areas of Steveston, so I would say it’s a bit of a hidden gem. Great service as well!

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