Tasty Rice Noodles


If you haven’t noticed already, Deer Garden at Continental Centre has moved to Union Square (where Richmond Sushi is). What’s replaced it is Tasty Rice Noodles. Thinking it would be a new restaurant, we decided to go give it a try. Upon arriving, we noticed that the logo and colours still looked like Deer Garden’s.


The interior has also not changed. The menus have been updated to show Tasty Rice Noodles, but all the menu items and layout is exactly the same… Even the piece of paper to order your noodles has not changed.


Original Fish Soup with Instant Noodles, Pork Balls and Vietnamese Style Pork

We both decided to do the customized fish soup noodles where you can choose a soup base, two toppings, noodles, and a drink for $8.95. S got the Original Fish Soup with Instant Noodles, Pork Balls and Vietnamese Style Pork. Everything looked the same as Deer Garden. Even the choices to customize were the same! Soup tasted just the same and was delicious and filling.


Malay Laksa Soup with Rice Noodles, Cuttlefish Balls and Fish Puffs

For myself, I got the Malay Laksa Soup with Rice Noodles, Cuttlefish Balls and Fish Puffs. I like how the laksa soup isn’t too spicy. All the soup noodles already come with bean curd, cabbage, and mushrooms too. They’re big portions so you will be filled up for sure.


Deep Fried Pork Chop

When you order the noodle combos, you can also get a side order by paying an additional $1.95. It always seems like a good deal, but we never realize how much food we end up ordering… We got the Deep Fried Pork Chop, which S loves.


Desert Wings with Ginger

I suggested to get the Desert Wings with Ginger. They are always plump and the flavour is on point.


For our drinks, we both paid an additional $1 to get it cold. We both got the Lemon Ribena. For under $25, you will be very full and satisfied. So I guess we can conclude that Tasty Rice Noodles is essentially the same as Deer Garden… Another location to get the same the food and you don’t need to fight the parking on Alexandra. Plus, it seems like there aren’t as many line ups to wait for a seat here.

– Reasonable prices
– Huge portions

– Don’t expect much service

Price Range: $10-15

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 3 Service: 2 Ambiance: 3 Parking: 3 Overall: 3

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