Save with Groupon Coupons!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Groupon and on a random day, you will most likely find me browsing deal sites such as Groupon. I use Groupon mostly to find new activities and restaurants to try. However, Groupon recently contacted me and let me know that they have partnered with more than 9,000 national retailers to launch a service called Groupon Coupons. It’s entirely free and an efficient way for shoppers to find thousands of coupons and exclusive promo codes from popular stores and companies like Forever 21, Nordstrom, Travelocity, and so many more.

Since I travel at least once a year, some of the partners that really caught my eye included:,, and

The coupons can be used both online and in store. A feature I like is how you can see how many people have used the coupon that day so it helps to determine whether the coupon is still valid. They also state when the expiration date is and can take you straight to the partner website.

With my trip to Taiwan coming up in September, one coupon that caught my eye is the one at where you can save up to 50% and an extra 10% off your stay through the end of September 2017. Perfect for my trip!

Hopefully you too can save with the new Groupon Coupons!


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