Le Lab Syrups

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Disclosure: All products were complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

I haven’t been to Le Lab before, but doing a quick search, I found that it is known to be Montreal’s best cocktail bar. Being an expert in mixology, of course Le Lab has come up with a line of products to use in cocktails.

Le Lab’s artisanal products are made in Québec with fresh or organic ingredients. Seven syrups and two bitters, all 100% natural, add character to dishes and cocktails both sweet and savoury. These syrups are now distributed across Canada, have recently broken into the Italian fine products market, as well as Australia and the United States, and soon in other countries. Le Lab syrups are hand-crafted and contain no additives, colourings, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Creators Fabien Maillard and Gabrielle Panaccio wanted to give gourmets and foodies the opportunity to add a new dimension to their dishes and drinks. The Le Lab product range provides a variety of options for cocktails and “mocktails,” to improve sparkling or still water, or to add flavour to a meat or fish marinade.

IMG by SophiaHo on 500px.com

I got sent the following syrups to try:

  •  Tropical BBQ Artisanal Syrup: A smoky, spicy, fruity syrup that transforms cocktails and meat or fish marinades into a unique and delicious experience.
  • Hell’s Ginger Artisanal Syrup: A ginger cayenne syrup that adds a kick to rum-based drinks, cakes, cookies and Asian dishes.
  • Simple Artisanal Syrup: The essential base syrup for sweetening alcohol or virgin mixes or quick recipes to avoid sugar crystals: use it on ice cream, strawberries, or ham as it browns in the oven, or add it to cut the bitterness of a dish.
  • Old Timer’s Tonic Syrup Concentrate: A quinine-based artisanal tonic with floral, spice, fresh citrus and floral notes for the original gin tonic. Anise and gentian add a touch of finesse that pastis lovers will appreciate. Great for cookies, cakes, puddings, and more.
  • Vintage Grenadine Syrup: The classic syrup used in all those Shirley Temples you drank in childhood! Fruity, refreshing and delicious, it amps up classic cocktails, with or without alcohol, and adds a wonderful aroma to fruit salads, sorbets, pies and crêpes.

IMG by SophiaHo on 500px.com

I used the Simple Artisanal Syrup to make a classic Gin and Tonic. One part syrup, two parts gin, and instead of tonic water, I added a splash of Sparkling Ice water. Add a squeeze of lime, and this syrup sweetens the overall drink!

More details:
Format: 250 ml and 100 ml (online)
Price: $15.95 and $8
Points of sale: https://labproduitsartisanaux.com/en/store-locator/
Online purchase: labproduitsartisanaux.com/
Recipes: https://labproduitsartisanaux.com/en/category/recipes/



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