Capstone Tea & Fondue

Brrrr… this bizarre cold weather in Vancouver calls for some warm desserts indoors! Capstone Tea & Fondue offers a variety of teas, bubble teas, and of course their famous fondues – chocolate or cheese! Me and my friend shared the Chocolate Fondue Set, which came with Dark Chocolate, Fresh Fruits, Snacks, and 6 Assorted Dipping Ice-cream Balls. I love the ice cream balls since the outside is covered in warm chocolate when you dip it in, and then it reveals the cold ice cream. Love it! This came to around $20. They also have an All You Can Eat Chocolate Fondue for $7.95 per person, but each person has to purchase a drink, so if you don’t eat a lot, I guess it isn’t that worth it. Capstone is on Robson, past the retail shops, also near WE. Coffee that I’ve mentioned before in my posts. Great place to chill indoors with some tasty desserts!

Check out the other fondues and drinks they offer at:

Capstone Tea & Fondue on Urbanspoon


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