Wing Kee Restaurant 新榮記海鮮食館

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Free Range Chicken (1/2)

Wing Kee is super close to my place and I literally drive by it all the time going home, but I’ve never been intrigued to try it. It just didn’t look attractive from the outside. However, I did some googling, and the ratings turned out to be alright. Finally, we decided to make reservations for dinner here. The parking lot is quite big already for one restaurant, but it’s completely packed! We decided to go for their Choose 5 Dishes for a set price. It also came with half an order of complimentary Free Range Chicken. When we thought half an order, we thought it wouldn’t be much, but it was basically what you would get as a whole order normally at other restaurants! The chicken itself was pretty good too. The only issue I had was I found it odd that some of the chicken was cold, and some of it was warm. Definitely microwaved this.

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Honey Garlic Spareribs

The first dish we got was the Honey Garlic Spareribs. I thought these were just average. The sauce was flavourful, but the meat was a little tough sometimes.

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Pan Fried Clams with Black Bean Sauce

My favourite had to be the Pan Fried Clams with Black Bean Sauce. We had to add a bit of money on top of the set price for this dish, but it was well worth it. Every shell on the plate had clams in it and they were very flavourful. A good amount for the price.

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Braised Deep Fried Bean Cake

Next were the Braised Deep Fried Bean Cake. It was mixed with broccoli, and mushrooms. The sauce was thick and flavourful. The tofu inside was very smooth.

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Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Next up were the Deep Fried Chicken Wings. These wings were super plump and full of meat! Crispy skin and a peppery and spicy flavour. I wouldn’t say they were the best I’ve had, but not bad for the price since you get roughly 12 pieces.

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Sauteed Beef in Satay Sauce Hot Pot

The last item was the Sauteed Beef in Satay Sauce Hot Pot. To our surprise, the dish did not come in a hot pot, but rather in a clay dish. There were tons of vermicelli noodles and it was covered with the satay sauce. There were a lot of beef as well, but the beef did not taste like beef. Sort of weird…Perhaps they used too much tenderizer?

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Sweet Potato Dessert Soup

Lastly, dinner ends with complimentary dessert. Tonight, it was Sweet Potato Soup. Great to combat the cold since there’s ginger in it. Spicy and sweet, but also very warming.

Overall, Wing Kee was actually much better than expected. The prices are very affordable as well, and the portions are huge! We ended up packing a lot of the food up. What was even more surprising was how friendly the service was here. Most of the servers are young males, and they were very attentive and polite. To be honest, that’s not very common and expected at Chinese restaurants. Oh, and Wing Kee is also opened until til 3 a.m. everyday, so another place to add on the list for late night snacks.

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