Pearl Castle Cafe – ChineseBites Media Event

Note: All food and beverages were complimentary, but all opinions were based on my own personal experience.

Pearl Castle Cafe has been around for many years and is a favourite among both young and old for Taiwanese drinks, snacks, and meals. I used to frequent here a lot back when I was in school as it was great for late night catch ups with friends. However, being a food blogger meant trying new places all the time, so I hadn’t actually visited Pearl Castle in a while. When ChineseBites invited us to do a menu tasting, I couldn’t say no!

We visited the Continental Centre location, but they now have several different locations across the Greater Vancouver area. I brought S along who is a huge fan of Pearl Castle and we dined with Naomi and her guest. Just like all their other locations, the ambiance is modern and clean.

Ferrero Rocher Frappe

We started off with some drinks. S chose the Ferrero Rocher Frappe which comes topped with the hazelnut chocolate ball and lots of whipped cream. The hazelnut flavour was strong throughout the drink but is very filling due to the cream.

Roasted Rice Lattea

The Roasted Rice Lattea was very interesting as it had a foam at the top of the drink. The manager told us that you don’t drink this with a straw to best enjoy the foam.

Sunset Love with Aiyu Jelly

For myself, I chose a drink off their new special drink list. The Sunset Love was a mix of orange, pineapple, and peach and was very fruity with a bit of fizz. The manager suggested I pair this with Aiyu Jelly which I really enjoyed. They are white jelly like balls which have a nice texture. If you find tapioca balls too chewy, then you may enjoy this.

Rose Milk Tea

N got the Rose Milk Tea which took a little longer to prepare as they brew the tea fresh. They use real rose petals so the floral flavours are quite strong but very fragrant. If you enjoy floral flavours in your food and beverages like me, you will enjoy this drink.

Fried Fish Cake

Onto appetizers! First up were the Fried Fish Cake which were crispy and had a bouncy texture. Great to share and snack on.

Taiwanese Sausage

The Taiwanese Sausages at Pearl Castle are homemade and were very crispy on the outside and packed full of flavour. I highly recommend these.

Fried Chicken Nuggets

S loves Fried Chicken Nuggets and he orders it literally everywhere he goes. The nuggets here are very crispy with the chicken still moist. However, I prefer ones with a hint of basil which these lacked.

Fried Pork Chop

It was my first time trying the Fried Pork Chop and I was pleasantly surprised by how tender these were. I usually find pork to be easily overcooked and too dry. These were spot on and not overly salty.

Fried Red-Fermented Pork with Fried Rice

Pearl Castle has great set meals. We tried some out including the Fried Red-Fermented Pork with Fried Rice. You can get each of these dishes separately as well. The red-fermented pork is sweet and salty at the same time and battered in a delicious crispy coating. The fried rice is one of our favourites at Pearl Castle as it is always packed with flavour.

Scallion Beef Slices

Another new item we tried was the Scallion Beef Slices. The beef was very tender and paired with the sweet scallions, this was delicious to pair with rice. This meal also comes with daily side dishes, but I found these to be just average.

Kimchi Shredded Pork Fried Udon

The Kimchi Shredded Pork Fried Udon is perfect for those who enjoy some Korean flavours in their dish. This is a huge plate of noodles and had a good amount of ingredients.

Milk Seafood and Pork Hot Pot

My favourite of the night was the Milk Seafood and Pork Hot Pot. I enjoyed the creamy milk flavour along with the sweet seafood and tender pork slices. This combo comes with a side of satay sauce which pairs very well with the pork slices.

Overall, Pearl Castle didn’t disappoint. Their dishes are always consistent and they have updated their menu with some new dishes including a vegetarian menu. Reasonable prices and great portions.

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